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      Drew Meiers

      I have a Resource Loaded schedule and am encountereing a few problems. The major problem is that the schedule is overridingthe Remaining Duration due to allocation of resources. I can not get the schedule to reflect the “correct”finish date. In addition the resouces seem to be set up to reflect one person per resource. We use resources as a role rather than an individual. (For example if I need two painters I assign 16 hours, Microsoft project interupts and says I have over allocated the poor painter.)

      The main problem is that the program wants to extend the durations to satisfy what it thinks is an overallocation. How do I correct it?

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      Prakash K P

      I think the first problem is due to effort driven???

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      Hello Drew,
      If you have a task that will take 1 day and the work is 16 hours you can allocate the Painter at 200% for that tasks. Project should now schedule 16 hours for 1 day duration provided you have your calendars set up correctly, eg. 8 hour working day.
      I would do this allocation at the task level and let the application show that I need 2 painters for that task over that duration.
      Hope this helps.

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      Sai Prasad

      Hi Drew, I don’t get your first question on remaining duration updated due to allocation for resources. Are you replacing resource for a in-progress task? It would be good if you send a screenshot.

      The second problem might be you have configured your resource (which is a role in your plan) is available only 100% to the Project. Go to Resource Sheet view (In Project 2007 or earlier, click View menu otherwise click View tab), and double click the resource and change the units in Resource Availability table to 200% – see this screeshot; this means you have two individuals on that role working for 100% on that task.

      Now, switch your view to Gantt Chart. Assign the resource to the task with assignment units as 200%. This will ensure 16 hours is not flagged as over allocation.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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