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      Hi all,
      first sorry for my bad spelling skills.

      I would like to do construction plan for several projects. The construction plan should include several basic processes and it should be possible to assign employees as a resource out of a resoruce-pool to each process. (I know how to do this)

      The plan should mainly be used to get a well structured capacity planning of the employees. Therefore the following attributes should be included to the MS-Project plan:
      – It should be possible to assign a specific workman day by day to one process.
      For Example: Worker one has to scrape the machine frame (eg. Process 1 in Project 1). A second worker (worker 2) is workung currently on another machine (eg. Process 5 in Project 2). As worker one finished his work he should join worker 2. As a result the Duration of this process should decrease. But I don’t want to assign the worker to the hole process because then Project is saying, that worker 1 is working to much as the two processes are overlapping each other in the first days. Further it should calculate the Duration for two workers only in the time where really two workers can work on the process (after they are not overlapping any more).

      – another example: Worker one is getting ill, but his working process (process 1) is very essential. So I decited to take worker 2 from his current work (process 2) and Switch him to the essential process 1. Process 1 should not have any Change in the Duration time. But process time of process 2 should increase!

      It would be really helpful to me if you could help me with a solution for this.

      Thanks for your time

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      Avatar photoJigs Gaton

      Sebastian, first I think you should create a master plan with both projects included (subProject 1 & 2), and also use a shared resource pool for the master plan. Then you have to assign the work in hours, to each task, by resource. Remember, work can be independent of duration in MS project. To enter work independent of duration, use the task details form, and enter work (in time) for each resource assigned that task. Don’t use “Units.” Everything else should be automatically adjusted if the task mode for these tasks are set to “Auto Scheduled.” I am assuming that your processes are entered as tasks, and the duration of the task = the duration of the process. Best of luck,
      For other tips, see me



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      Avatar photoLarry Christofaro

      Sabastian… Jigs has a lot of good suggestions to follow. I might just add a couple of points on the specific situation you describe above. As you can see, you are trying to manage down to the resource assignment, using multiple resources on multiple tasks (a many to many). This can be very difficult and time consuming, but sometimes necessary depending on the situation and level of detail you need to manage. What you are managing is assignments, not tasks, and the best way I’ve found is to use resource leveling. That is the one feature in Microsoft Project that best levels assignments across tasks. I use it a lot, but it is not something that can just be picked up and start using. There are several blogs here on the MPUG site, including a three part series that I did a while back (but a lot more that others have done as well). It’s a lot to learn, but will make managing the details you are asking about a lot easier in the long run.

      Another simple option for a case by case basis is to use the task inspector (with the red over-allocation dude that comes up in the indicator column. That’s simple but not as functional. Good luck…

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