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    We are using Microsoft Project 2010 and Project Server. As PMs we are marking tasks as 100% complete when they are done (little check box shows on the far left). We save the project, publish the project, and then check in the project. When we go into the project at a later date, some of those tasks previously marked as 100% complete are no longer marked as 100% complete. It is happening on both fixed work and fixed duration tasks, yet some other fixed work and fixed duration tasks hold the “task 100% complete” notation. We cannot find a common denominator. I am sure the answer to this is simple. Thoughts? ideas?

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    Hi Andrew – Insert the actual duration, actual work, remaining work, remaining duration fields in your view. Actual duration and actual work should be effort spent, and the remaining work and remaining duration should be zero for completed tasks. Also, % complete and % work complete should be zero of completed tasks.

    Also, give more information on these tasks that doesn’t 100% complete right
    a) Whether the “Updating Task status updates resource status” in Schedule (File > Options) is on/off?
    b) If possible take screenshot of the project plan, and share it in this thread

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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