Fundamentals of Project Management

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When I first started my role as a project manager, I could not wait to get all my tasks and resources into Microsoft Project. As a matter of fact, I spent so much time learning and using Microsoft Project that I missed the core fundamentals of my role.

In this course, I will skip the traditional Microsoft Project demos and teach you the core fundamentals all project managers need to know. Not one to ignore the giant elephant in the room, I will also cover the differentiators between traditional project management and the newer agile methodologies.

This fundamentals course is designed for anyone just getting started in project management, wants to learn some agile basics, or just want to sip a cup of coffee and enjoy a light refresher course.

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Written by Bill Raymond
Bill Raymond is an author, public speaker, trainer and consultant. While working in the product development, portfolio and project management markets, his personal objectives are to help organizations and individuals strategically plan and deliver business growth. Bill is committed to sharing best practices. Because of his commitment to the portfolio and project management community, he is the proud recipient of the prestigious Microsoft MVP award. Bill has also been honored with speaking awards from NASA and MPUG. Contact Bill through his website, Cambermast.
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  1. Nice elaboration of Agile Management

  2. Was an informative presentation on the Fundamentals of Project Management – gave a presentation by Bill Raymond. Slides were appropriate and help me visualize the concepts Bill Raymond covered. Short Quiz was somewhat challenging.

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