Microsoft® SharePoint Keyboard Shortcuts

MPUG has done the work for you! We spent some time compiling some of the most useful Microsoft® SharePoint keyboard shortcuts. Keeping this page bookmarked for reference will help make your life a little bit easier. Be sure to also check out our Microsoft® Project Keyboard Shortcuts and Microsoft® Excel Keyboard Shortcuts.

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Alt + N > TabCreate a folder from the shortcut menu
Alt + NOpens the shortcut menu, where you can create a document
Alt + U Upload a document
Alt + COpens Actions menu, where you can export results to your spreadsheet
Alt + IOpens the Settings menu
Alt + MOpens the 'More' menu for the selected item
Alt + NCreate a new document
Alt + N > tab to New Folder > EnterCreate a new folder
Alt + RShows a graphical summary of responses link
Alt + SSearch
Alt + UUpload a document in the Add a document dialog box, also shows the all responses link
Alt + YSyncs library
BackspaceDelete the selection, or the character in front of the cursor
Ctrl + MIndent a paragraph from the left
Ctrl + BTo bold or unbold selected text
Ctrl + BackspaceDeletes the whole word to the left of the cursor
Ctrl + CCopy
Ctrl + DeleteDeletes the whole word to the right of the cursor
Ctrl + ECenter-align paragraph
Ctrl + ITo italicize or un-italicize selected text
Ctrl + KInsert a hyperlink
Ctrl + LLeft-align paragraph
Ctrl + RRight-align paragraph
Ctrl + Shift + MOutdent/remove indentation of paragraph
Ctrl + SpacebarClear formatting
Ctrl + UTo underline or remove underline formatting from selected text
Ctrl + VPaste
Ctrl + XCut
Ctrl + ZUndo
DeleteDelete your selection without saving it to the Clipboard
Down Arrow | Alt + Down ArrowNavigate through site options, menu lists, and drop down list
EscClose an opened menu on the Ribbon
(In a SharePoint list) Select a list item > hit TAB to find the edit commandEdit a page in the Datasheet view
InsertSwitch between inserting and overwriting text
Shift + EnterExpand ribbon or site menus and lists or to insert a new line (but not in the HTML Paragraph element)
Shift + F10Opens the shortcut menu for the selected item
TabNavigate on your current screen
Tab (Press repeatedly/immediately, after opening the page in the browser)Turns the More Accessible Mode on or off

Print or Download the Microsoft® SharePoint Keyboard Shortcuts


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