Projects: Managing Stakeholders

Discover effective strategies and best practices for managing stakeholders. Build strong relationships, foster collaboration, and drive project success with MPUG’s expert resources on stakeholder management.

The INs-N-OUTs of Quality

Learn how IN-N-OUT Orvis, and quality planning, assurance, control, and improvement in IT projects can illuminate the importance of quality assurance in project management.

Wooden Blocks with the Words SCOPE spelled out

How to Get Scope Right in the First Place

Discover the essential steps to define project scope accurately, negotiate with stakeholders effectively, and manage scope changes adeptly in this comprehensive guide to project success.

Stakeholder Analysis: A Comprehensive Guide for Project Managers

Here’s a revised intro for the article “Stakeholder Analysis: A Comprehensive Guide for Project Managers”: Stakeholder analysis is a crucial tool in every project manager’s ars...

Word Scope written on red paint

Scope Creep: How to Prevent a Major Source of Project Failure

Learn how to prevent scope creep, a major source of project failure, by clearly defining project boundaries and securing stakeholder sign-off early in the project lifecycle.

Risk/Issue Management & Dashboarding with Power BI (3 of 3)

Automate report updates, securely share Power BI insights, & export live data for presentations in this advanced session - empower informed decisions!

Understanding Stakeholders’ Approach to Risk

Understanding stakeholders' risk appetite and tolerance is crucial for effective project risk management. Learn how to assess stakeholders' approach to risk through discussions and scenarios, and how ...

How can organizations address conflicting stakeholder interests?

Conflicting stakeholder interests can be a challenge in project management. Learn how to address these conflicts by promoting transparent communication, facilitating negotiation and compromise, relyin...

Project Stakeholders

Back to Basics: Who Are Project Stakeholders and Why Are They Important?

About two decades ago, I was working for an IT Services organization. Our company got a re-engineering project from a Fortune 500 company, and I was designated as the project manager. The client had a...

Ethical Project Management: What Is It and Is It Possible in 2021?

A Brief History of Project Management Ethics Almost every profession has one—mantra or coda that expresses the ethical intent to do better, both morally and for the benefit of civil society. For examp...

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