Integrating Products for Manufacturing Success

We found Microsoft’s recent publication, Modern Project Management for Manufacturing, to be an excellent read explaining how project management within the field of manufacturing can be streamlined wit...Read More

Why You Should Consider SharePoint for Project Management

Microsoft SharePoint is a popular and practical solution for project management. SharePoint brings together all of a project’s information and tasks into one central place. SharePoint can also be stru...Read More

The Best Ways to Document and Share Best Practices among Colleagues

“Of course, we’re going to follow best practices,” our Project Manager (PM) said, for the fourth time in an hour at our weekly team meeting. Upon hearing this, I looked across the table at my colleagu...Read More

Real Time Collaboration: A Better Seat at the Circus

You can tell an aging project manager by the metaphors they use to explain things, and such is the case today, as I’ll be using the rather antique notion of a three-ring circus (once the greatest show...Read More

Working with Teams in Project Online

Project Management Institute (PMI)® Professional Development Units (PDUs):This Webinar is eligible for 1 PMI® PDU in the Technical category of the Talent Triangle. Event Description: Audience: –...Read More

How New Technology, Better Collaboration, Simulations and Modular Designs Make for Project Success: An Examination of Nuclear Submarine Building

Some of the largest and most expensive projects completed of late have been fraught with huge time & cost overruns. These unexpected delays and expenses cause partial or full project failures with...Read More

Projects in the Fast Lane: Getting High Performance from a Cross-Cultural Team

Enabling cross cultural teams to perform well can be tricky when constrained by time and stakeholder expectations of high performance, but the results are worth the effort. In the hustle of today̵...Read More

Organizational Politics

Do you remember the Microsoft Windows game Minesweeper? You had a game board covered with squares that could contain bombs. The goal was to clear the board without blowing yourself up. It wasn’t...Read More

Updated Project Viewer Adds Integration with Skype for Business

A popular Microsoft Project file viewer now includes integration with Skype for Business. The enhancements in Seavus ProjectViewer version 15 are intended to make direct communication among project te...Read More

The Agile Project Manager: Leveraging Agile in Microsoft Tools, Part 2

Microsoft continues to help grow its interconnected tool suites, building functionality that project managers can use to help increase their efficiencies and deliver results with their projects and pr...Read More

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