Topic: Project Collaboration

Dive deep into the realm of Project Management Collaboration, where effective teamwork meets strategic orchestration. Understand the essence of uniting diverse skill sets, ideas, and experiences to achieve project goals seamlessly. Our comprehensive resources shed light on utilizing top-notch tools, cultivating a cohesive team environment, and implementing best strategies to ensure projects are carried out smoothly. Whether you’re an established project manager or embarking on your first team project, our expert guidance will equip you with the skills to foster enhanced collaboration in project management. Immerse yourself and harness the power of collective intelligence for unparalleled project outcomes. Set sail towards effective Project Management Collaboration now

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Reducing Risks & Boosting Quality with External Evaluations

Learn the importance of external examination by independent testing experts to find defects and ensure quality in software and hardware products.

Image comparing a maestro to project manager

Comparisons of a Project Manager to a Maestro

Project managers conduct their teams like maestros lead an orchestra: unifying diverse skills, setting the tempo, and delivering harmony to achieve a shared vision. Explore the parallels and improve y...

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Harnessing the Power of the Muses: How Ancient Inspiration Fuels Modern Project Management

Unexpected muses, surprising results. Discover how ancient Greek mythology holds the key to modern project management mastery.

Intro to Jira and How Jira Data Connects Teams

WebNLearn: Introduction to Jira + How to Use Jira Data to Connect Teams

How Jira works, how to avoid Jira faux-pas, creating a Jira ticket, Jira and agile, popular features, and Jira Project structures

Leading Virtual and Hybrid Teams

WebNLearn: Leading Virtual and Hybrid Teams

In this webinar you will learn strategies for effectively leading teams in virtual or hybrid working environments.

Power Platform Overview Webinar

WebNLearn: Digital PMO (2 of 3) – Power Platform Overview

In this webinar you will learn about Microsoft's Power Platform and suite of low code products and how they can be used in real scenarios.

Digital PMO Citizen Developer Overview

WebNLearn: Digital PMO (1 of 3) – PMI Citizen Developer Program Overview

In this webinar, we will learn about low code/no code development and the PMI Citizen Developer Program

Communicating Effectively with and without MSP

WebNLearn: Communicating Effectively With and Without MSP…and without the spin!

In this webinar, we will learn about Sprint ceremonies including sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review and sprint retro.

Project for the web - what will make it enterprise ready

WebNLearn: Project for the web (2 of 3) – Who is p4w for and what will make it enterprise ready?

Learn about Microsoft's project management tools and then discuss key areas that need to be addressed for P4W to be enterprise ready