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Practical Kanban with MS Project Agile – 3 of 3

This lesson teaches how to use Kanban ceremonies and leverage MS Project Agile to optimize planning, conduct efficient daily stand-ups, and execute insightful reviews and retrospectives.

Practical Kanban with MS Project Agile – 2 of 3

This lesson covers Kanban artifacts and harness the power of MS Project Agile to master Kanban backlogs, definition of done, cumulative flow diagrams, and effective work-in-progress management.

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Event Series: Practical Kanban with MS Project Agile

Explore the transformative power of Kanban with MS Project Agile in a three-part webinar series, unraveling the intricacies of planning, backlog creation, and seamless integration into project managem...

This sequence diagram shows the interaction between the team, stakeholders, product owner, and scrum master during a sprint review. The team presents the product increment to the stakeholders. The stakeholders provide feedback to the team. The product owner provides guidance to the team. The scrum master facilitates the review.

Understanding the Sprint Review in Agile Methodology

Agile methodology emphasizes collaboration and feedback. Sprint review is a time-boxed event where stakeholders provide feedback on product increment developed during the Sprint.

Sprint 1 Retrospective
Sprint 1 Review
Daily Scrum 1
Daily Scrum 3
Daily Scrum 4
Daily Scrum 5
Daily Scrum 6
Daily Scrum 7
Daily Scrum 8
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Adjusting A Sprint in Progress with MS Project Agile

Learn the steps for adjusting a Sprint in progress with Microsoft Project Agile. Modify the Sprint Backlog and perform operational tasks.