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Five Risk Management Best Practices for Project Managers

In this article you will learn about five risk management best practices for project managers.

From Aspiring RMP to Acutal RMP - What does it take to be one

From Aspiring RMP to Actual RMP – What does it take?

Event Description: The Risk Management Professional (RMP®) certification from Project Management Institute’s (PMI®) has seen rapid growth in the last couple of years: 2020-2022. While in Septembe...Read More

Schedule Risk Analysis

Protecting Contract Deliverables With Schedule Risk Analysis and Schedule Margin

Event Description: Learn why the finish date predicted by Microsoft Project is NOT the date you promise to deliver to your customer.  Even with excellent estimating and execution, the project finish d...Read More

Create a 5/4-9 Calendar in Microsoft Project

Background A number of organizations in the United States, including agencies of the US federal government, use a compressed work schedule to manage projects. A common type of compressed work schedule...Read More

What’s Missing From Project for the web

The project management world is abuzz with talk of Microsoft’s Project for the web, a fully cloud-resident PPM offering, which is intended to eventually replace Project Online. Some in the community a...Read More


From Aspiring RMP to Actual RMP – What Does It Take to be an RMP?

The biggest risk in any project is not to act on the risks in a project – From the Book, I Want to Be A PMI-RMP Every project is risky and executed in an uncertain environment. If it’s not risky...Read More

Schedule Risk Analysis

Is Schedule Risk Analysis Worth It?

Introduction Many ‘Request for Proposal’ (RFP) documents require that a Schedule Risk Analysis (SRA) must be performed on the submission. Performing an SRA is also promoted as a ‘Best Practice’ by mos...Read More

How to Calculate Your Project's Risks for Success

How to Quickly Calculate Your Project’s Risks for Success

Assessing Risk Countless studies over the last four decades point to similar findings: Approximately 50% of projects you undertake will be late and/or over budget, and approximately 25% will be cancel...Read More

Project Management

Why is Project Management Important?

I have been conducting PMP training workshops for about 15 years. I usually start my training sessions by asking participants to introduce themselves and state their expectations of the training progr...Read More

Back to Basics: Why do Projects Fail?

I was working for an IT services company in early 2000. The much-dreaded Y2K problem had just passed without giving us too much trouble, and we had gotten a big project from a U.S based Fortune 500 co...Read More