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The Unified Theory of Everything (or at least Schedule, Cost, Risk, and Earned Value)


Project Management Institute (PMI)® Professional Development Units (PDUs):
This Webinar is eligible for 1 PMI® PDU in the Strategic category of the Talent Triangle.


Event Description:

All organizations that run large Programs for a living must assemble deep expertise in disciplines including scheduling, cost analysis, risk analysis, and earned value management. Each requires appropriate tools and data and must collaborate with agility across the data supply chain, both within and across organizational boundaries, both for individual Programs and across portfolios of Programs. But it is all too common to end up with parallel worlds. How can we unify these worlds in a way that enhances the work of each discipline and delivers more value to the organization?

Drawing on insights and terminology from systems theory, enterprise information architecture and data warehousing, software pattern languages, network theory, and engagements with NASA and other large, distributed organizations, this presentation takes a holistic look at the programmatics data supply chain. We ask questions such as:

• What are the typical pain points in data hand-offs across organization boundaries?
• Are we living in a world of mostly data “copies” rather than “originals” (i.e., from the ultimate system of record) run on applications mostly built to handle originals?
• Does siloed data for schedule, cost, risk, and earned value meet the 80/20 rule? Or the 20/80 rule?
• To what extent are the challenges in unifying data across programs and up and down data supply chains technical vs. organizational and cultural? Can we nudge behavior by making the “right” way the easy way?


Presenter Info:

Dan Friedrich is CEO/CTO of Friedrich, Klatt and Associates (FK&A), a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Data Analytics, and Microsoft’s Global Partner of the Year in 2007 for Enterprise Project Management for an Earned Value Data Mart solution. His firm’s products include:
• A Microsoft Project Server / Project Online Business Intelligence package that auto-adapts its business Cube to the customer’s deployment and comes with over 200 Dashboards. The product unifies data about schedule, cost, earned value, risk (including Monte Carlo results), compliance (such as the DCMA 14-point assessment), performance management (including KPI’s), and trending of all of these, as well as integrating external “Data Suburbs.”
• A Microsoft Project add-in with a Swiss Army Knife of tools for scanning, repairing, refactoring, consolidating, and visualizing Master Schedules.
The firm’s clients include Fortune 500 firms with some of the largest Project Server implementations; NASA HQ, Johnson Space Center, and Jet Propulsion Laboratory; the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory; the US Department of Energy Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Fermi National Laboratory; international consulting firms; and most of the largest US defense and aerospace contractors.

Dan is President of the Chicago Chapter of the Microsoft Project User Group (MPUG), and is a frequent presenter on MPUG’s international Lunch & Learn Webinar series, most recently a “trilogy” on Master Schedule Best Practices, and other industry events, including papers for the 2017 and 2018 NASA Cost and Schedule Symposiums.

These are the things Dan does by day, but by night he does comedy sketch writing, directing, and performing, and he is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory and Improv Olympic. His recent shows include “Drones, Clones, and Phones: I Know What You Did Last Summer“ and “Are You Being (List-)Served? Good Neighbors Gone Wild!” He’s starting to do weird stuff during the day too: He recently directed the NASA Information Architecture Working Group on a workshop “show” called, “Dear Data Conversion Enthusiast,” and was an “Art in Engineering” panelist at the 2019 SciTech Forum of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.


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