Two-Pass Technique with MS Project

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Event Description:

In schedule management, one of the scheduling approaches to develop a project or program schedule is the Critical Path Method (CPM), which determines the critical path. You, as a management practitioner, would have heard about CPM because it’s a widely scheduling approach.

The main way to determine the critical path is to use the forward pass and backward pass technique. This is also known as the two-pass technique. With this method, one can find out the early start (ES), late start (LS), early finish (EF) and late finish (LF) for every activity in a network diagram. This method also determines the total float (TF) or total slack, which informs about the flexibility of schedule.

In this webinar, we explore:

  • How to conduct forward pass and backward pass calculations
  • How to determine the total float/slack for the activities
  • What are the significances of total float, ES, EF, LS and LF?
  • How does Microsoft Project software address two-pass technique?
  • How does Microsoft Project software determine total float/slack?


Presenter Info:

Satya Narayan Dash is a management professional, speaker, coach and author of six books.  His video courses, PMP Live Lessons – Guaranteed Pass and PMP 35 Contact Hours Online, have created many successful PMPs. His course of MS Project Live Lessons, is one of most used courses by management practitioners. Over 1,500 aspirants have successfully cracked the PMP examination with his leadership and there are 84 documented PMP Success Stories in detail. His web presence is at  and he can be contacted at


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Written by Satya Narayan Dash
Satya Narayan Dash is a management professional, coach, and author of multiple books. Under his guidance, over 2,000 professionals have successfully cracked PMP, ACP, RMP, and CAPM examinations – in fact, there are over 100 documented success stories written by these professionals. His course, PMP Live Lessons - Guaranteed Pass, has made many successful PMPs, and he’s recently launched RMP Live Lessons - Guaranteed Pass and ACP Live Lessons - Guaranteed Pass. His web presence is at, and he can be contacted via email at  
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