WebNLearn: Leading Through Change Without Burning Out

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Event Description:

Effective leadership has never been more important, and more challenging. Economic uncertainty, changing work environments and competitive pressures are creating a perfect storm for project leaders and staff. Burnout is increasingly becoming the norm. How then, can you continue to lead (and even elevate your leadership) with less effort and none of the stress? During this interactive talk, Executive Coach Ravi Raman will explore and guide you through a set of key principles behind effective leadership, and how to apply them to support your (and your teams) growth in these challenging times. It is possible to perform better as a leader, without burning out. Join this talk and learn how.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the key qualities anyone must demonstrate be called a “leader”.
  • Understand why leading through change is an important skill to master as a Project Manager.
  • Realize the cost of burnout for yourself, your project team and your organization.
  • Learn proven ways to overcome burnout (and elevate your performance, and the performance of your project team) at work

Make sure you didn’t miss Ravi’s article on why it is important to lead through change and why leadership is so important to an organization and your team! You can view his article here.

This webinar is eligible for .75 PMI®PDU in the “Power Skills” category of the Talent Triangle.

Please note: this webinar’s PDU code is mpug112122

Written by Ravi Raman
Ravi Raman is an executive career coach and long-time veteran of Microsoft, where he led product management and marketing teams for several global software products and services. As a coach, Ravi has helped countless clients-- including management consultants, technology startups and Fortune 500 company leaders -- unlock higher performance and build careers they can be proud of. Stay in touch with Ravi via Facebook, LinkedIn, his website and @YogiRavi.
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