What is Leadership?

The world today is more uncertain than ever. Waves of technological innovation and societal change are unseating incumbents. Status quo is being threatened, and it’s creating increasingly high degrees of difficulty for knowledgeable workers looking to develop products, deliver services, and build strong teams and companies. It is in the midst of this era of change that the need for leadership is bigger than ever.

Unfortunately, most companies lack a strong leadership bench. There simply aren’t people ready to take over for others who retire or move on. In fact, research shows that only 14% of companies have a strong bench for this, and the number has declined steadily in recent years. A solution to this problem is not just to deploy more leadership coaching and training to senior executives. The answer is to inspire everyone, at all levels of an organization, to step up their leadership game.

What is the current level of your organization’s leadership? What is your relationship to uncertainty and change? How do you react to challenges and opportunities? How well are you able to inspire others to buy-in and fully engage with your vision? Do you even have a vision or direction you are heading in?

As an executive coach offering an upcoming webinar for the MPUG community, I am excited to explore with you how leadership really works. Yes, it starts with you, regardless of the level you hold in your organization. Leadership is your ability to be clear about your vision and the direction you are heading in. Leadership is your capacity to get people and teams engaged and bought-in to what you are up to. Leadership is your capacity to guide and lead others through change and uncertainty. The Art of Modern Leadership explores these ideas and offer you a practical sense of how to step up the level of your leadership at work and in your life. There is no question that the world needs more leaders. Let’s answer that call.

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Written by Ravi Raman
Ravi Raman is an executive career coach and long-time veteran of Microsoft, where he led product management and marketing teams for several global software products and services. As a coach, Ravi has helped countless clients-- including management consultants, technology startups and Fortune 500 company leaders -- unlock higher performance and build careers they can be proud of. Stay in touch with Ravi via Facebook, LinkedIn, his website and @YogiRavi.
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