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Why You Should be Checking Out MPUG’s Vendor Showcase This July

We hope you enjoyed MPUG’s 2019 Vendor Showcase. We heard from companies like Prosperi, Critical Tools, and Barbecana. There’s no better way to learn about the latest Microsoft Project-related apps, add-ins, and services. Truly, this showcase featured tools that take project management with MS Project out of the box and to a whole new level!

  • You can now watch the session recordings on-demand!
  • It’s pressure free. You get the chance to see sales demos without sharing your personal details. Simply view at your convenience in our stress free environment, sit back, and consider what may work for you or your organization.
  • You’re safe with MPUG. We never sell or share contact information.

Leonard Nogueira, Senior Executive with Prosperi, presented several SaaS solutions. “Using WBS Schedule Pro” by Critical Tools was presented by Jim Spiller. And, we heard from Barbecana’s John Owen on the topic of their schedule risk analysis software.


Watch MPUG’s 2019 Vendor Showcase On-Demand


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