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Event Description:

Excel’s dashboarding capabilities empower users to transform raw data into meaningful insights. Whether for business reporting, financial analysis, or project management, Excel dashboards provide a user-friendly and visually striking way to analyze, interpret, and communicate data effectively.

Building a dashboard necessitates data, which can originate from various sources like databases, CSV files, and web pages. Often, this raw data isn’t “fit for purpose” and requires cleaning, merging, and combining.

Does the phrase “it’s taking too long” resonate with your feelings towards the time it takes to format your data for reports?

Are you frequently performing repetitive, time-consuming tasks like “data cleaning and transforming”? This includes removing unnecessary rows and columns, filtering out unneeded data, converting text to numbers or dates, splitting or merging columns, eradicating odd characters, or combining files.

Would you appreciate being able to accomplish all of the above with a single click? If your answer is yes, you need Power Query, also known as Get and Transform in Excel 2016 and later.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the key principles of effective dashboard design
  • Learn how to create interactive and visually appealing dashboards in Excel
  • Discover best practices for data visualization
  • Gain insight into how to use dashboards to drive business decisions

PMI PDUs:  0 Ways of Working, 0 Power Skills,  1 Business Acumen

Webinar Documentation:

Written by Jeff Bongiovani
Training and Development (T&D) Manager Jeff Bongiovani currently works for Edwards Performance Solutions as their Training and Development Manager. Jeff is responsible for managing and supporting training-focused customer engagements as well as overseeing the design and development of new and existing Edwards training courses (both internal and external) across a variety of topics including project management, leadership skills, systems engineering, business process management, and cybersecurity. He has 20+ years of classroom training and course development project experience.
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