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Tales of Terror in Project Management



Whether it’s a crazed client, scary supervisor, lunatic schedule or something else, these MPUG tales are guaranteed to get your skin crawling in time for Halloween. We invite you to share your own tale of terror in comments below — if you dare…




You’re Fired — Or, Um, Unscheduled!
By Collin Quiring
This project manager could have used a lesson in saying the unspeakable.

The Case of the Clueless Management
By Ellen Lehnert
The tale of a CIO who doesn’t believe in training, a company lacking data for its dashboards and a client who expects projects to build themselves.

Project Server Twilight Zone
By Gary Chefetz
Ever landed in a room with no doors?

The Septic Slip-up
By Dale Howard
A slip of the tongue determined the devastating fate of this new trainer.

I Survived an Ax-wielding PMO Director
By Michael Wharton
Our hero becomes suspicious when nobody sticks around for very long.

A Project Engagement That Went Horribly Wrong
By Sharath Kumar
Unending scope creep almost landed this team of experts in purgatory.



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  1. Horror projects? This will snowball in no time. I’m saving all of mine for my book.

  2. Haha great Halloween stories. What about my “lost in translation post”? Also a nice horror story: http://wp.me/p3RmLY-3d


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