Understanding “Driving Slack” in Project Scheduling and Its Uses with Structured Solutions Inc.

Event Description:

In this webinar, we will explain the concept of “Driving Slack” in project scheduling, how it’s different from “Total Slack” and “Free Slack”. We will explain how Driving Slack can be used to calculate a driving/critical path in Microsoft Project, and why the method of using driving slack is more accurate than the Constraint/Deadline Method. In addition, we will show how our SSI Dependency Analysis tools automate these calculations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Be able to define “Driving Slack” and understand the differences between it, “Total Slack”, and “Free Slack”.
  • Be able to manually calculate the amount of Driving Slack any predecessor has to its successor.
  • Be able to manually calculate a driving path to an item in a schedule using Driving Slack
  • Understand the SSI Dependency Analysis Tools and their uses.

PMI PDUs: 1 Ways of Working, 0 Power Skills, 0 Business Acumen

Webinar Documentation:

PMI PDUs:  0 Ways of Working, 0 Power Skills,  1 Business Acumen

Written by Kenny Arnold
A graduate of Arizona State University, Kenny started his career in scheduling and project management in 2015 for Northrop Grumman. There he led scheduling efforts for many national defense programs and multi-billion dollar proposals wins. In 2020, Kenny joined Structured Solutions Incorporated and developed SSI Presentation Professional, SSI’s premier schedule roadmap tool. Kenny currently serves as SSI’s Chief Information Officer and leads the ongoing development of all SSI products.
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