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Ellen Lehnert

About: Ellen Lehnert

Ellen Lehnert, PMP, Microsoft Project MVP, MCP, is a independent consultant and trainer on Microsoft Project and Project Server. She has taught Microsoft Project over 400 times and is the author of  MS Project 2010 and 2013 published courseware. Ellen is also a contributor and tech editor for many reference books, a developer for the Microsoft Project certification tests and is a frequent meeting speaker for Microsoft, MPUG and PMI. Contact Ellen at

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Ask the Expert: Import Excel Data into Project – Tips & Troubleshooting

Written on May 18, 2018, by

MS Project’s import/export function is not as clear cut as it seems, but if you follow some of the tips below the procedure should work more smoothly for you. The design of the data, the wording of the Excel tabs, column headings, and options all need to be considered to have import/export working in a…

A Few More Classroom Tales….

Written on March 29, 2018, by

One of my favorite PM stories from the classroom was that someone wrote on a class evaluation that I taught a “supper” class. I happened to see it and chuckled. He looked at me questioningly, and I pointed to the word. He then fixed it to say that I had taught a “souper” class. Another…

Plan for the Finish — Manage from the Start

Written on October 30, 2015, by

Oftentimes people want to plan a project from the finish date and manage it from the start date. The benefit of doing so is that the project manager can flag the tasks with critical goal dates using deadlines and will be able to manage the project to achieve the goal dates. Here’s how. To plan…

The Case of the Clueless Management

Written on October 27, 2015, by

  At one organization where I worked, the CIO had seen something on the value of earned value. They brought me in to teach a two-day Microsoft Project class to their engineers without mentioning that this was now part of their goals. Every engineer on that team within a few months of the class was…

Disconnecting a Project from a Shared Resource Pool

Written on September 18, 2015, by

If you have connected a project with an external resource pool and you wish to disconnect the project from the pool there are two steps you will need to take. While the connection is a single-step process, disconnection is a two-step process. The disconnection should be performed in this order particularly if the tasks have…

3 Tips: Autofilter, Entry Bar and the Timeline View

Written on September 7, 2015, by

1. Use the autofilter (the small down arrow to the right of the column name) on the Start and Finish columns to see tasks by timeframe. Then filter for specific resources. Apply outline level 1 to collapse the detail. 2. Here’s a useful option: File > Options > Display. The lowest option is “Entry Bar.”…

4 Tips for Working Smarter in Microsoft Project

Written on September 1, 2015, by

1. Move your Quick Access bar to below the ribbon bars. That way it will hold a lot more buttons than if it is kept above the ribbon bars. 2. To add buttons to the Quick Access bar, right-click on an existing button and select add to Quick Access bar. To remove a button from…

Webinar: Learn from the MVP: Tips & Tricks with Project 2010/2013

Written on December 10, 2014, by

Project Management Institute (PMI)® Professional Development Units (PDUs): This webinar is eligible for 1 Category A PMI® PDUs in the Technical Project Management talent triangle category. If you are claiming this session, you must submit it to your MPUG Webinar History after it has been completed in its entirety. Event Description:  Have you ever wondered…

Ask the Experts: Working Offline in Project Server 2010

Written on January 28, 2014, by

Fran from Houston, TX asks: I’m working with Microsoft Project Server 2010, and at times I’d like to download a project from the server and work with it offline, make changes, and bring it back online at a future time. Can I do this? Ellen answers: In Project Server 2010 this is possible, but you…

Ask the Experts: Counting Task Occurrences with Microsoft Project

Written on July 8, 2012, by and

Angelo of Rochester, NY: When managing project schedules I need to produce a count of various tasks. For example, how many late tasks are in a schedule, how many critical tasks, how many milestones, etc. Typically, I have copied or exported data to Excel and used Excel to calculate the counts for me. Is there…

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