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Barbecana Ships New Release of Risk Analysis Program

Project managers have a new way to perform risk analysis on their project estimates for more realistic scheduling and budgeting. Barbecana has shipped a new version of its Monte Carlo schedule risk analysis software.

Full Monte 2016 for Microsoft Project includes these features:

  • A spreadsheet interface simplifies data entry, supports inheritance through the project structure and allows “uncertainty” data to be entered or revised through standard Microsoft Project views; and
  • Templates simplify the assignment of uncertainty information and allow users to specify their level of confidence in the estimates they provide.

The program also covers:

  • Resource rate uncertainty;
  • Analysis of historical estimates;
  • Joint Confidence Limit (JCL) scatter graphs; and
  • Enhanced reports.

Spreadsheet-style data entry enables rapid updating of data and simplified access to reporting.Full_Monte_2016_figure_1

The application works with versions of Microsoft Project from 2007 and newer.

Existing customers gain access to the new version as part of their current maintenance and support agreement. Others may pilot the new software for 30 days or purchase a perpetual license for $1195.

More information is available on the Barbecana website.


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