Jira Cloud – Getting Data In and Out of Projects (including Microsoft Project) – MPUG Vendor Showcase with Envorso

Event Description:

As a user of Jira Cloud, one of the common questions that ends up being asked is “I need to import X number of issues into Jira Cloud, how do I do that?” The goal of this session is to cover some of the methods of getting data in into Jira Cloud as well as the inverse question “I need to get it out! What do I do?”

At the end of this session, you should have an understanding of some of the methods and approaches that can be used to get data into or out of a Jira Cloud instance based on your level of access in the system; some of the advantages/limitations of the various approaches and provide you with some references of where to start. 

Learning Objectives:

  • What is Jira and how is it used in Project Management
  • What kind of data can be imported into Jira
  • What kind of data can be exported from Jira
  • What are the advantages / limitations to importing data from certain systems into Jira
  • What levels of access are needed in order to support Project Managers in getting the right data into and out of the system

Webinar Documentation:

PMI PDUs:  0 Ways of Working, 0 Power Skills,  1 Business Acumen

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