Exciting Things Happening at MPUG!

As you may have seen, we’ve taken a short break on live events this summer. That doesn’t mean things are quiet here at MPUG, though! We are excited to provide the following update to our community and ask for your feedback in a few key areas.

First, we are thrilled to announce the launch of two new MPUG courses this week, Scheduling Practitioner and Advanced Scheduling Practitioner! These were designed by our very own scheduling expert who took great care in following PMI’s Scheduling Professional fundamental guidelines. Both courses cover six specific areas and will result in MPUG certification:

  1. Principles and Concepts
  2. Schedule Management
  3. Schedule Creation
  4. Schedule Maintenance
  5. Schedule Analysis
  6. Communication and Reporting

We are thrilled to be collaborating with experts on this and to be able to launch these new courses. Of course, we cannot wait to hear your feedback on them!  

Second, we are considering moving the MPUG forum inside our firewall in order to keep the conversation and questions professional while also ensuring the members and experts have an area to converse with one another. We feel this may cut down on spam and other noise in the forum area of our website and allow it to grow and expand as a resource for everyone. Please send your feedback regarding this topic right away to info@mpug.com.

Third, we would like to welcome Lexie Bogenreif to the MPUG family. You will start to see her name appear in emails and on our weekly live webinars as she assumes responsibility for our site and works with the broader team to continue ensuring we provide our users with the best MPUG experience possible. Welcome, Lexie!

Last, but not least, we want you to start thinking about what topics would be most valuable to you as an MPUG community member. We will be launching our annual survey at the end of the summer and will rely on you, our loyal MPUG community, to help us craft the learning content you desire.



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