Topic: Project Resource Management

Dive deep into the art and science of project resource management. In today’s dynamic project environments, effective resource management isn’t just a recommendation; it’s a necessity. Our extensive resources offer insights into the intricacies of planning, allocating, and managing both human and material resources to ensure optimal project outcomes. From understanding how to allocate your team’s time and skills effectively, to managing equipment and budgets, our guides cover all facets of resource management. Whether you’re a seasoned project manager seeking advanced strategies or a novice looking to grasp the basics, this section offers valuable knowledge.

In this image, there is a product backlog, sprint backlog, in test, demonstration, and completed. The product backlog is a list of all the features that need to be built for the product. The sprint backlog is a list of the features that will be built in the next sprint. The in-test column is where the features are being tested. The demonstration column is where the features are being demonstrated to the customer. The completed column is where the features that have been completed and accepted by the customer.

Streamlining Success: Lean Principles in Project Management

Discover the power of Lean project management in reducing project waste, optimizing workflows, and achieving customer-centric excellence.

Man Hours and Cost Tracking Using Microsoft Project

In this session we explore man hour and cost tracking by looking at related schedule options and settings, resource settings and task assignment tracking within Project.

Best practices for managing resources and workload using Project

WebNLearn: Best Practices for Managing Resources and Workload with Microsoft Project Desktop

In this webinar you will learn best practices for managing resources and workload using Microsoft Project Desktop

From Aspiring RMP to Acutal RMP - What does it take to be one

From Aspiring RMP to Actual RMP – What does it take?

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Project Management with Project for the web – Resources, Groups, Attachments, Collaboration and Using Teams with Project for the web (2 of 3).

Event Description: This three-part course begins by providing an overview of Project for the web, and differences between classic Project desktop and P4W. We will cover everything from the basics...

MPUG and Sam Huffman Team Up to Give Away Essential Project Resource

We are excited to announce that in partnership with author, Sam Huffman, MPUG is giving away a not-to-miss project management resource to all our current and new members! As we’ve been getting ready t...

Fixing the Problem: Making Changes in how you Deal with Challenges

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Finding a Perfect Match: A Look at Both Sides of the Interviewing Process

  Project Management Institute (PMI)® Professional Development Units (PDUs): This Webinar is eligible for 0.75 PMI® PDUs in the Technical category of the Talent Triangle.   Event Description...

The PMO Lifecycle – Building, Running & Shutting Down – Organizational Change Management: What is the role of the PMO Manager?

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