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Common Issues in Project Management #6: Three Things to Keep in Mind about Templates

Written on January 23, 2018 by

Last time I discussed the misuse of reports. Today I would like to focus on another item I come in frequent contact with during training sessions or implementations: the template. I’ve created dozens, maybe even hundreds, of Schedule templates in my time as a consultant. Based on that knowledge, I want to share some common…

Warm Yourself Up with 4 Sizzling Pointers for Project Online Application Administrators

Written on January 22, 2018 by

Introduction Serving as a Project Online Application Administrator for your organization can be an overwhelming experience. There are many features to set up in the system, and the right way to set them up is not always as obvious or as intuitive as we’d like it to be. Using a trial and error approach for…

Three Activities That Help Create an Authentic Workplace

Written on January 19, 2018 by

Authenticity in business generates a relationship with people that makes individuals feel secure with both the product and the company. Authenticity is particularly important in this time in history as people are seeking genuine relationships. In a recent U.S. Census, the new business generation (ages 18-34) was identified as the largest generation in the nation….

Common Issues in Project Management #5: Four Things Not to Do When Creating Reports in MS Project

Written on January 16, 2018 by

I’ve created my fair share of Project, Program, and Portfolio Reports. Based on that knowledge, I wanted to share with you some common issues I notice within organizations. I hope, as you read these, you’ll see if they apply to your organization, be able to improve based on this article, and let me know if…

5 Tips for Migrating Your PPM to the Cloud

Written on January 15, 2018 by

The benefits of the cloud are hard to deny. For those in a Project Management Office (PMO), though, the thought of having to migrate Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) data from an on-premises solution is overwhelming. The PMO can’t afford to stop operations indefinitely, utilizing a “trial and error” approach to migrate its data. But,…

An Excursion to Johnson Space Center Solidifies the Need for an Evolving PMO

Written on January 12, 2018 by

This interview with Benoit De Grace of Corporate Education Group, took place during the 2017 PMI® PMO Symposium® and was conducted and condensed by Kyle Brownell. Q. This event focused on two key topics: Agile transformation and the evolving PMO. Can you speak to the importance of those topics for PMOs today? A. In today’s…

Two Great Ways to Publish your Plan to the Web—without SharePoint!

Written on January 9, 2018 by

Users of Project Online (or SharePoint w/ Project Server) are long accustomed to publishing their plan on the web for others to view, change, or otherwise manipulate project plan data. This convenience is beneficial for plan authors, team members, and stakeholders alike, for the obvious reason of having the plan online for all to view…

What’s the Value of Schedule Risk Analysis?

Written on January 8, 2018 by

Introduction Many clients are now demanding that proposals include a schedule risk assessment, and the more savvy are requesting forecast dates be presented at, for example, 80% levels of confidence. What does this mean? And how much effort will be involved to produce these deliverables? The following article will focus on how to satisfy these…

Newly Released Agile Capabilities in MS Project

Written on January 2, 2018 by

Welcome to MPUG’s latest article on Agile capabilities in MS Project. The how-to’s and tips posted here are designed to help Project to Portfolio managers leverage tools, technologies, and best practices to deliver a stellar value in daily work activities. My name is Tim Runcie and I have spent the last 20+ years supporting customers…

What the Heck is an MPUG OMBUD and What Does it Mean to Me?

Written on January 1, 2018 by

MPUG Ombudsmen are experts who investigate and present solutions to common problems and complaints in the practices of project management. These are experts vetted by hundreds of thousands of your peers in the community. We want to let you know when they are up to something new – an innovation or developing time saving tips!…

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