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What is a Baseline?

Written on September 12, 2017 by

A baseline, as traditionally defined, is a value or condition against which future measurements can be compared. Within the context of project management, these values and conditions are the project’s scope, cost and schedule. A project baseline can be thought of as a “snapshot” of a project’s initial condition, just before work begins. Baselines are…

Top 10: MPUG’s Most Popular Articles for 2017

Written on September 11, 2017 by

MPUG visitors pick their 10 favorite reads for the year… #1: PMP Prep: Decision Tree Analysis in Risk Management By Satya Narayan Dash #2: The Uses of Office 365 Planner for Project Management By Jeremy Cottino #3: 5 Things to Know about Microsoft Project Baselines By Erik van Hurck #4: Mind-Mapping Your Way to Better…

Scheduling the Shortest Duration Possible

Written on September 5, 2017 by

A user posed an interesting question recently in the Microsoft Project Standard and Professional TechCenter forum on the Internet. He asked how to assign resources to a task to generate the shortest Duration possible for the task using the following requirements: The task requires 100 hours of total work for all assigned resources. One resource…

Getting Earned Value Metrics from Microsoft Project

Written on September 4, 2017 by

You may snicker to think that Microsoft Project can serve as a tool for producing earned value metrics. After all, there are highly complex, dedicated products that perform this job. In this article I won’t attempt to cover all the necessary aspects and nuances of using Project as an EV tool; but I will discuss…

The New Project: Link Tasks on a Dropdown Menu

Written on August 29, 2017 by

Want to learn what’s new in Project 2016? Join author Sai Prasad as he explores updates to the latest versions of Microsoft Project in this MPUG webinar. Microsoft Project calculates the task start and task finish based on many factors: calendar, constraints, predecessors, resources, lags. (Tip: If you want to see the factors affecting the…

How to Fight Back Against Alternative Facts

Written on August 28, 2017 by

Last week, I shared the “10 Signs Your PMO is Trying to Fly ‘Alternative Facts’“. This week I provide coping mechanisms for dealing with each of those quandaries. My philosophy is simple: First, follow industry best practices to stay out of trouble. Second, use Microsoft Project Online to track your efforts and keep everybody aligned….

5 Best Ways to Learn Microsoft Project

Written on August 24, 2017 by

  1. Attend expert-led live training webinars and have your questions answered See a list of upcoming live webinars Sign up for a free session on the Do’s and Don’ts of Microsoft Project   2. Improve your skills as your project and training needs progress with targeted on-demand training videos and searchable MPUG how-to articles See the…

When a Fixed Duration Task is Truly Not “Fixed Duration”

Written on August 22, 2017 by

Oh, the misery! If you’ve ever used Fixed Duration tasks in your enterprise projects running in Microsoft Project Online or Project Server and your organization uses the Timesheet page in Project Web App (PWA) to track actual task progress, then no doubt you have experienced heartache and disappointment. Those Fixed Duration tasks don’t behave the…

10 Signs Your PMO is Trying to Fly “Alternative Facts”

Written on August 21, 2017 by

Project Management Professionals and Microsoft-certified individuals are committed to the quality and continuity of a project’s process and progress. While we must salute their passionate tenacity during the most complex challenges, we must also acknowledge that the health of any project may well be determined by the enthusiasm (or lack thereof) from supervisory or executive…

Common Issues in PM: Over-booked and Mismanaged Resources

Written on August 15, 2017 by

Most projects lean heavily on using human resources to perform the tasks that are set out in the schedule. But very few organizations are purely project-driven. That means that people (the other, friendlier name for “human resources”) work on line activities as well as projects in their daily lives. How do you find the balance…

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